Hog Technologies

3920 SE Commerce Ave
Hog Technologies
Hog Technologies has a 30+ year history of innovation and manufactures a wide range of solutions for the road, highway, and airport industries that goes beyond just water blasting! We offer Stripe Hog Waterblasting System to remove all types of durable pavement markings from roadways and runways and rubber deposits left from aircraft landings. The Stripe Hog has been available to the public since 2005 and is now operating in 56 countries with more units working around the world than our top five competitors combined. 85% of North American airports that own a water blaster own a Stripe Hog. Hog Technologies also manufactures a Thermo Hog and Paint Hog for thermoplastic and waterborne paint marking application, Rumble Hog for grinding, grooving, and cutting rumble strips, and the Surface Hog for surface cleaning and preparation! Bringing the same innovation and technology that was applied to the Stripe Hog, Hog Technologies is ready to change the industry with each of their new products.
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